Styling Ivory and Black Outfits for Women Over 40 – Like a Pro!

Explore the excitement of mixing and matching colors in fashion, focusing on ivory and black as a key combination. The author provides styling tips, showcasing a variety of clothing options including a black V-neck T-shirt, ivory-colored jeans, and a versatile black jacket. The outfits are adaptable for both day and night, with emphasis on layering and accessorizing for a stylish look. The content also encourages women to experiment with different styles and sizes, emphasizing confidence and comfort. Overall, it offers valuable insights for mature women seeking to elevate their fashion choices and explore new styles.

Mixing and matching colors is a thrilling part of fashion.

Adding excitement to dressing up, especially for mature women exploring new styles and feeling inspired by the process.

It’s easy to get stuck, but I’m here to provide looks that will ignite your creativity.

Embrace new opportunities to try different styles as you age, and don’t be afraid to completely change your style as you move from one decade to another.

Ivory and black are my fighters for this round. I really love this color combination because it gives me confidence and always makes me feel and look elegant. I love to wear black and I love to wear ivory, so pairing them together is almost a dress code, DO!

I want you to also experience this color powerhouse too. So, today I’ll provide pretty much everything you need to know on how I put them together. And let you know where you can pick up some of these great key pieces, to get the same amazing look.

Ivory Sweater Dress Styled with Black for Contrast and just a pop of Red!

Vintage Jersey Classic-fit V-neck T-shirt

I really like the smooth and soft texture of this T-shirt in black.

Its layerable V-neck makes it perfect for this look and to dress up or dress down and create several different looks, conservative or casual style. When you are choosing your fit, resist the temptation of thinking you need to stick to one style and size.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a classy and comfortable quality v-neck tee, fitted and/or loose both work.

The deep v cut elongates the neck area, minimizes broad shoulders, and/or a larger bust giving a slimming effect.

It also leaves enough room, a canvas if you will, to add layers of jewelry or showcase some statement earrings for that fun night out. Let the top drop down for a timeless front tuck, or tuck one side in for an edgy vibe.

There are no restrictions to styling a classic V-neck T-shirt, also consider sizing up for a more relaxed look and styled end look as well.

Cashmere Cropped Cable-Knit Sweater Set

This cropped sweater vest and cardigan is a must-have.

You can layer it over or under a variety of clothes all year long. I find this set to be a workhorse in my wardrobe going from work to weekend wear effortlessly.

For this look, I layered this cashmere cardigan in the ivory color over a fitted black v-neck tee to give a contrasting look and also accentuate my waist.

If your T-shirt is on the oversized side, you can add some definition with the help of a button on your vest or a strategic tuck. The combo of choosing the sizing also plays into the style you are going for.

When choosing such versatile pieces, consider key factors like environment, career, message, and age to ensure they fit your unique style.

It’s a cropped sweater, so it fits just a little bit smaller and stays above the waist. I love this because it allows the black T-shirt to show underneath, and it’s so trendy and modern. An effortless not trying stylish look.

However, if you want it to go below your waist, go one size up, but this will limit wearing it as a top. If you are unsure about your size, click on the “What’s my size button” for more help. It uses your height, weight, age, and the dimensions of your clothes in your closet to estimate the best size for the vest.

I always encourage trying on what you recieve and don’t be afraid to return within the store guidelines if it doesn’t fit as expected.

Let me drop a juicy tip for you. If you shop from J.Crew, you can personalize your top by adding initial or text monograms for a small fee. It is also available in black, and you can shop for it HERE.

Ivory-colored Classic Jeans

I know for sure that you have at least a pair of blue jeans in your closet. But now might be a perfect time to add a pair of ivory jeans to your collection. They’re fresh, very functional, and work well with so many other colors. Pairing them with a colored shirt can create a vibrant and stylish look.

I usually choose a bootcut jean personally, because it makes my legs look longer, making me appear taller than I am, which makes me look slimmer (check out my how to hide a tummy video HERE if you are interested).

But if you don’t wish to appear taller, you can go for a straight pair of jeans. However, I won’t recommend skinny jeans or cropped in general.

Get your five-pocket style denim here:

Black Jacket


This one is a wardrobe essential for every age and works for every setting you can possibly imagine. It seamlessly fits into various dress codes, making it perfect for both casual and professional environments. I love how the jacket extends just a bit below the vest but not long enough to compete with my T-shirt, giving me that elongated upper body look.

The double pockets give my whole ensemble a structured and much-needed edgy look, complementing the softness of my updo. With this one, I look and feel modern and slightly edgy.

This black and ivory combination is my favorite look yet, and here’s why. It’s so multipurpose and can easily transition from a day to nighttime look simply by removing one or two layers of clothing. So simple to switch this chic and versatile look to suit the time of day or activity.

Styling Your Black and Ivory Outfit:

Tips for Wearing Black

Semi-Formal Styling 

If you work in a semi-formal setting or like an everyday elevated look then this v-neck tee and denim combination is perfect for you.

You can either rock an ivory-colored V-neck T-shirt with a black jeans. For a more formal look, pair the V-neck T-shirt with a pencil skirt. Or a black V-neck T-shirt with an ivory-colored jeans either look elevates just a bit more than the traditional black and white combo (But ALSO one of my all time favs).

Heading to work? Look stylish wearing black and ivory, a favorite outfit of mine.


To look even more stylish, always add layers. You can opt to add the cashmere cropped sweater cardigan over the outfit or add a crisp look with a black button up shirt. You can rock this look during the day or at night.

Layer the black V-neck T-shirt and ivory cashmere vest with a black jean or leather jacket.

For a more feminine and statement-making look, consider pairing the outfit with a tulle skirt. You can wear this fit during the day or at night, especially when you’re hanging out with friends.

Accessorizing With Jackets, Belts, and of course a pretty purse!

You can switch things up on a cold night out by draping a jacket over your shoulders with your black T-shirt fully tucked into your ivory pants. Add a black belt with gold detail to cinch your waist, and ditch the black purse for a brighter, bolder pop color for a statement-making look.

Day-to-Night Styling 

This super chic combo I’m about to tell you is mind-blowing for night activities. In this fit, you would rock the soft and comfortable cashmere cropped cardigan over a button up shirt, with a pair of high-waisted boot-cut jeans, and some heels.

You’ve got plans to hang out with the girls after work?

But have no tune to go home or space to lug around a change of clothes?

Then this is perfect for you. Simply dash into a restroom and remove the T-shirt or denim jacket rocking just the cardigan.

If the night gets too cold, you can always put them on again. For a unique touch, consider incorporating items from past seasons, like a vintage jacket or an old clutch.

Although I rocked an ivory-colored cashmere vest with a black V-neck T-shirt, ivory-colored jeans, and a black jacket, you can rock your fit by reversing the colors or by choosing different materials as well.

Final Tips for this ElevatedCasual Style

The most important thing is to arrange the colors so that they contrast rather than blend. That is where the beauty of this color combination lies, some call it color blocking or sandwiching colors.

It’s essential to see these outfits in real life to truly appreciate their richness, gleam, and quality.

So go ahead and give this fabulous combo a try!

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