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Hair Tool Essentials you need to Regain Hair Health

The post provides a list of essential hair styling tools and products to maintain healthy and styled hair. It includes recommendations for brushes, hair clips, a hair dryer and hot air brush combo, an air straightener, a flat iron, a blow dryer, and a curling iron. These tools cater to various hair textures and styling needs, ensuring smooth, shiny, and healthy results.

Are you ready to repair your hair this Spring/Summer?

Have you run out of ideas to maintain your tresses?

Or are you confused about what product works best for each style?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you! 

If you have put your hair through the ringer like I have; I’ve bleached it for years, I flat iron, blow dry, and really haven’t taken the best care of it overall, but I STILL want nice looking hair. Don’t we all!

Here I will share the tools I have been using over the last year to noticeably improve my hair health.

Making it look smoother and more healthy even on the bad days.

My hair texture is frizzy. It used to be curly when I was young, and it was healthy. But after putting it through the ringer and after having children, it now is always… just frizzy. So I have to maintain it daily.

Here’s a list of hair essentials:

Round Hairbrush 

I love this ceramic + iron thermal roll hairbrush from Ulta because it runs through the entire length of my hair, making smoothing it out easier.  This is the size and features you need to protect your hair while doing a home blowout and it makes it quicker with the larger barrel for a straight style with some body.

Pro Wet Brush Detangler

If you like to brush through wet or damp hair, you NEED this brush. It is gentle like a comb, but a brush you can use safely on wet hair.

It won’t pull out your hair, it is easy to get out any tangles, so impressive.

I have not only used this on my own hair for years! But all of my children, especially my girls with long curly hair, will only use this brush on their hair. They say no other brush works. Other brushes hurt and they must have this one.

Needless to say, we are super fans of the Wet Brush line of brushes in our home.

Rat Tail Comb

The rat tail comb is a staple in every hairstyling kit.

You’ll use the tail to perfect your partings and the fine-tooth end to smooth over your hair. It’s ideal for so many day to day styling needs.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this affordable pack on Amazon today!

Baby Brush 

At this point, you’re wondering how many brushes a woman can really own, and I’m here to tell you not nearly enough.

Because of how tightly bound yet soft baby brushes are, they work well for putting the finishing touches on your combed hair. 

It’s great for touch-ups. And I love it especially to get a sleek, polished look to a ponytail or bun. 

Satin Scrunchies

Just do it, believe me on this one. I love scrunchies because you can use them functionally and stylishly.

After combing or brushing your hair and getting it into a perfect bun or ponytail with a band, use your scrunchie to secure the tresses. 

I do opt for the silk or satin finish as it is more gentle on the hair, minimizes breakage, and makes a messy bun or ponytail look a little more classy too!

Claw Hair Clips 

Another essential for securing your hair is the trusted claw clip.

I mean how do you wash your face and apply your face serums without hair clips?

Every girl and woman should have several in her kit.

It’s perfect for a makeshift updo, if you don’t want to commit to using a casual band or scrunchie. It gives the hair a loose, carefree look like you’re not trying to look cute even if you do. 

You can get simple, functional hair clips or a designed one with floral patterns, metallics, or other fun colors too. 

Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush Combo

If I could only have ONE tool and no hair salon trip, this is the number one hair styling tool I would pick.

Now that you’re done washing, conditioning, and brushing your hair, let’s discuss how this gets my hair smooth, I love this styling tool.

This two in one blow drying wonder is the Revlon hair dryer and brush combo. This tool has transformed my mornings, it makes blowing out your own hair so much easier! I can not stress this enough, of all my hair tools this is the best. It uses negative ions to help reduce frizz and enhance shine.

Of any hair tool you buy this year, definitely try this out. It is affordable and will shave off so much time from your get ready routine. It gives my hair the shine and volume I have always wanted, all while making my morning routine so much easier.

Air Straightener from Dyson

Warning Warning this IS pricy at $500.

So if this is a budget buster, wait for a holiday sale or save up your Ulta points, that is how I got mine.

Now onto its use.

If you are a flat iron junkie like I was….yes was, I have kicked the habit. But this helped so much when I thought I needed to flat iron every single day.

The straightening comes from hot air in a healthy and not too hot way, to protect your strands, so no hot iron plates of any kind. This tool is designed to achieve straight hair effortlessly, making it a versatile option for those who want smooth, straight hair without the damage.

You can dry wet or damp hair straight and even go over dry hair to get it smoother.

I will say there is a technique to it you will need to master, it isn’t easy to use out of the box. But it will help your hair if it is very damaged.

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SinglePass StyleMax Professional 1″ Flat Iron


Even though I have other tools, other hot tools, I still find I do need a flat iron from time to time.

It does what it needs to, every single time. And for that it is an essential tool.

So how to manage the damage it causes…well use it less and use a single pass option.

You need to minimize the time the metal is on your hair and this flat iron helps with that.

  • T3 StyleMax Technology: Customizes heat to your hair texture and styling goals for smooth, shiny results with less damage*
  • Curl Mode: Optimizes temperature for waving and curling with reduced heat exposure
  • Digital T3 SinglePass Technology: Delivers even and consistent heat for one-pass styling and smooth, frizz-free results
  • 9 Heat Settings: Deliver precise heat for every hair type and texture
  • CeraGloss Ceramic Plates: Glide effortlessly to smooth frizz and boost shine
  • T3 StyleEdge Design: Straightens, waves or curls in a smooth, snag-free glide

Using the right hair products can also protect your hair from heat damage and enhance your styling results.

10. Blow Dryer

Let’s face it, if you do your own hair you will need one of these.

And finding the right one can be a pain.

You want heat setting options, a cool setting and maybe one that isn’t too noisy or heavy as well.

So may I suggest the L’ange Digital Salon Dryer. Using a paddle brush with the blow dryer can help achieve a sleek and smooth look, reducing snags and tangles while controlling frizziness.


  • Significantly reduces drying time
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy styling
  • Helps minimize static & frizz
  • Reduced ambient noise output


  • 4 heat & 3 speed settings + cool shot
  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Efficient, high-performance power
  • LCD display


  • Diffuser
  • 2 Air Concentrators

11. Curling Iron

And last but certainly not least is the best curling iron.

Again you need temperature control, even heat distribution, a safer metal barrel, auto shut off and some care for the health of your hair.


  • Hair moisture is locked in with a combination of NanoIonic MX and Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat
  • Creates loose waves and soft curls
  • Longer barrel makes it easier to reach back sections on long or short hair
  • Worry-free with 1-hour auto shut off
  • Comfortable to use with cool-touch grip


  • Ceramic Mineral Complex
  • PTC Heater
  • Far Infrared Heat
  • Adjustable Heat
  • Swivel Cord
  • 1-Hour Automatic Shut-Off
  • Wattage Rating: 73
  • Temperature: 430 degrees Fahrenheit

And there you have it my personal favorites I have been loving to keep my hair styled while on my journey to healthy hair!

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