Stylish Ballet Flats: Perfect Picks for Fashionable Women!

Flats shoe haul focused on stylish and comfortable flats for spring and summer. It includes detailed reviews of various brands such as Sam Edelman, Semwiss, Rhinestone, C. Paravano, Naturalizer, Sofft, Ralph Lauren, and Madewell. The author expresses satisfaction with the variety and affordability of the options.

Every lady needs some stylish flat shoes in their closet from time to time. 

This haul was very reassuring because it helped me increase my shoe collection with comfy and stylish ballet flats options, just in time for spring transitioning into summer.

I’m sure you’ll love my picks in my latest flats haul!  

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Let’s get into all the shoes now!

If you want to gift any of these pieces to your friends, sisters, mothers, wives, or any of the women in your life, knowing how they’re packaged helps which you can see in more detail in my video review linked above. 

Sam Edelman #1

All of Sam Edelman’s shoes come in this eye catching bright neon green box, which I think is really unique and a great gift box, just add a pretty bow and some ribbon.

The shoes also come with their own shoe bags, which is generally a high-end shoe thing. And a nice added touch.

I like the straw look finish of this first pair of comfortable ballet flats. The color and detail make this a great everyday shoe to wear with trousers or dresses. Espadrille flats with their braided jute detailing are perfect for a casual day out.

The front has a pretty leather bow and I like the leather trimming along the edge. All these tiny details make the shoe a beautiful multipurpose flat you can wear with any color.

They’re super comfortable but not cushioned, just a regular flat as far as comfort goes, but super cute.

Sam Edelman #2

This second design is a bit dressier with a pointed toe.

A style I lean toward for its elongating effect. This ballet flat is made of the same material as the first one, but has a whole different vibe. The pointed tip is long, with space for your toes, not too narrowing. So if you’re worried about it squishing your toes, don’t be. It doesn’t. I love how it gives a high heel or boot look with jeans, so you get the same look, but a super comfy flat instead, no tall heel needed.

This one comes with a bit of support inside and a little tiny heel.

Overall, it’s a pretty-looking, lovely shoe. I love how they fit when I wear them. I got a boot effect but in a flat.


Sam Edelman #3

These ones have raffia in the name. And this color and design are so on trend for this summer!

I love this open raffia mesh look and the darker brown shade. It also has a cutesy bow with a little cool detail logo at the end, which is very small. The front and back have tighter knitting with backing, giving the shoes a pretty look and structure.

There’s a little block heel which adds to the overall look, but it is still very small, making them comfy and cute. Block heels are known for their comfort and practicality, making these shoes perfect for various occasions like weddings or everyday wear.

These are so comfortable, and I can imagine wearing them shopping or anywhere that I’ll have to walk for a long time, these don’t need a break in period, they are good to go. And they fit true to size and so a perfect for wear to anything.

Sam Edelman #4

Yes, I know this is another raffia pair!

I just love the design because they’re perfect for Spring/Summer.

These are a little different than the others, a little more casual cool.

Let me give you the scoop on these.

These have a big Sam Edelman logo on top, which gives me big Chanel vibes.

So, if you wanted a casual shoe but still just a bit dressy, this should work.

This would be great if you were going to dinner on the lake or the beach and had an all-white linen flowy dress and wanted to wear or something comfortable and casual you wanted to add a little umph.

So, the overall design is flat. The inside is not supportive but it is soft, there is cushion. These would be comfortable to wear if you were walking around a cute little town all summer. 

It’s certainly got some bling! Very cute for the season. They add just a little sparkle to any summer ensemble.

Circus NY by Sam Edelman 

This is the last Sam Edelman brand, and I purposely picked something slightly different.

The packaging isn’t neon green like the others, but a bright yellow with brown stripes.

You know, when I was online, I got distracted by these beauties, and I don’t regret it. They are already a favorite!

They give me a sort of boho and nature vibe. It has little 3-D floral motifs which has been trending and continues into this year. I love sunflowers and they are adorned on a rustic looking burlap. Just a unique design and a pair I absolutely love. These shoes offer a similar stylish and versatile look as some of the trendy Steve Madden heels.

There’s a printed logo on the back for its brand Circus.Ny Sam Edelman. These will be really cute with an orange purse, for a pop of summer color. Or to add some yellow into your outfit, just an understated but really pretty timeless design.

The verdict for the Sam Edelman shoes is Style meets Comfort. I loved all of them.

Semwiss Ballet Flats 

These came in a ziplock bag package, not impressive.

They look really comfy, and this color is just chef’s kiss. It’s almost like a deep teal and comes with a rubber sole that’s very vestile.

The material looks breathable, and the cut is classic.

These turned out to be incredibly comfortable, I have to say I was impressed. This is an easy, comfy, and affordable way of adding a pop of color to my outfit. Wearing them it feels like I’m wearing nothing. They are perfect for long haul flights due to their lightweight and comfortable design.

They’ll work well with neutrals or any black or white dresses.

I love adding color to my outfits with accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. That way, you can keep the basics and match them with anything.

Rhinestone Ballet Flats

Unfortunately, this box came messed up, but that could’ve happened in shipping. Oh, these ones are a bit different, a bit unique, and so special! These are just gorgeous!

What do these remind you of? 😉 

I thought this would be fun for a dressed-up event if you needed some flats or a bit of sparkle in an outfit. 

I love black in the Spring/Summer and these are a definite keep for me.

I have nothing like these in my closet, and they’re so cute. There’s some comfort inside, and I’m a big fan of pointed-toe shoes. T

These ballet flats are really lightweight and so flexible, I love them!

The detail is stunning and the red bottoms add so much flavor to this classic wonderful shoes.

C. Paravano Slingbacks 

We can’t close the haul without a classic slingback flat shoe.

So, if you need a dressier closed-toe shoe for work, church, or any business look, this is the one. It’s slimming and looks more sophisticated. These feel really nice.


The Chanel inspired black-on-black two-style material cap toe, is a timeless look and can be dressed up or down I like the low-heel, it has no padding or support whatsoever, but since the heel is a low block I find it comfortable to wear.

These super soft leather slingback are a classic for years to come!

Naturalizer Point Toe Flats  

I really like Naturalizer as a brand overall.

So I had to pick these up as soon as I saw them on Amazon!

I do have a similar ballet flat from J.Crew, and they’re a faux suede. But these have a beige leather finish upper, so I had to try them out.

They do have support and a cushion, and the pointed toe is a little wider than regular. 

There’s more room with toe padding up on the front, and the cutout on the side is perfect.

If you’re ever looking for comfy shoes, check out this link of several Naturalizer flats, really great brand of comfy supportive shoe options.

These are really nice overall in every way, I could wear these with anything anywhere, a closet staple. 

Sofft Kenni

Sofft is another comfort brand I love, and I’ll file this design under “Quiet Luxury.”

It has an oval-shaped toe with a stretchy band on the back to ensure it fits comfortably around your foot. 


It has a weathered leather look, which I love, and a plastic heel that looks like natural wood.

The trim around the shoe looks hand stitched, to give a high end look. After wearing this pair I can say we’re in the comfort zone. 

They’re not on trend right now, but they’re comfy and sleek, and certainly a timeless classic!

Ralph Lauren Ballet Flat

Next up is one of my favorite brands, Ralph Lauren.

The packaging is classic: a black box with paper wrappings. I have some black ballet shoes that have seen better days, so I certainly needed an upgrade. I saw these Ralph Lauren flats at an affordable price, and I had to pick them up. 

I have to say they didn’t disappoint. These are the ultimate classic black leather flat shoe.

Beautiful, Minimalistic, and Old Money aesthetic.  Perfectly place little gold-plated details. Pick these up for sure!

Madewell Woven Ballet Flats 

Next up Madewell. It’s a sustainable company.

So if you like buying from sustainable brands, this is the one.

This pair offers a unique, casual, elevated look. I really love the basket woven pattern and material bow and zero metal. 

There’s not a whole lot of arch support or padding, but they certainly are pretty. These Madewell flats have a square-toe which is really on trend right now. If you want a modern look, check out these cognac color flats. These are a little loose for me, so I recommend getting a ½ size down or wearing socks with these ones.

This was so much fun! If you loved this haul, check out my other hauls as well. I hope you found this informative and entertaining.

I’m happy I found many very stylish options at affordable prices.

Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comment box below and visit again. 

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