Elevate Your Style: Fashion Tips for Styling Wide Leg Jeans Over 40

Wide leg jeans are the new summer staple, replacing skinny pants. As a woman over 40, you can exude elegance by styling them right. Avoid low-rise, cropped, or embellished options. Opt for mid-rise clean and classic pairs, balance your silhouette with fitted tops, and choose the right shoes for an elevated look. Confidence is key.

DO’s & Don’ts of Wide Leg Jeans

It’s summertime already, and at this point we all know that skinny and slim jeans are old news. Thanks to Gen-Z for making them vanish from our sight.

It’s time to shine bright like a diamond in your wide leg jeans this season. They are comfy, elegant and charming on everyone, embodying the philosophy of effortless style.

As your fellow woman over 40 advising on women’s wide leg pants

I’m here to give you fashion tips on how to style your wide leg jeans and channel the sass and class you already have within you to make a great outfit.

To avoid mistakes, I will also give you tips on what not to do while styling your favorite wide leg jeans.

Before I get into the details, let me remind you that confidence is the key.

So, without further ado, Let’s get into it. 

Categories of wide leg jeans:  

You can find many variations of wide leg jeans, as they come in multiple shapes and cuts. For instance; Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise fits are available in different shapes such as;  

  • Clean and Classic 
  • Tall 
  • Cropped  
  • Cuffed  
  • Extra-wide  
  • Cargo  

Not every single one of them will go with your specific body-shape and most of these are trendy, so they are fun to dabble in, but don’t go too far into any trend.

But don’t you stress, because as your personal stylist, I am here to guide you toward an appropriate and comfortable, yet elegant and classy style combinations that look good, timeless, and always elevated.

First up the Don’ts:  

Don’t opt for a low-rise wide leg jean 

Low-rise pants don’t look elegant on anyone. They may work if you are 18 or have a very slim body-type, but they aren’t classy. It is akin to wearing very low cut top, it is just showing way too much…so choose wisely. Instead of low-rise consider a mid or a high-rise to achieve casual elevated chic look on the daily.  

Don’t opt for cropped wide leg jean 

This type of wide leg jeans can be pulled off be slim ladies, but it still isn’t doing anyone any favors. And honestly, the bare ankles sticking out of a very wide pant leg just don’t look very graceful, so you should avoid it at all costs.  There is a reason these were made fun of in the past and called “high waters”.

Don’t opt for embellished wide leg jeans

Embellished wide leg—or any embellished jeans for that matter—can come off as tacky, too trendy, or even appear somewhat juvenile. Let the 20 somethings have their fair share of questionable fashion attire to look back on, we have already learned our lesson and can leave this trend alone.

Embellishment includes sparkles, embroidery, clips, pearls and even the ripping and distressing – they don’t look elevated or appropriate for most occasions.  

Don’t go for a super baggy jean or extra loose fitting jeans  

Oversized looks are another thing that isn’t going to suit most of us. They are a trend and trends are fund to dabble in. This look takes extra consideration to pull off well.

But if you want to hide some weight and want to look slimmer, I don’t suggest an oversized shirt or sweater over baggy wide leg jeans. It will make you look even bigger.  Trust me as I have been down this road several times.

Check out my video on how to hide a tummy HERE

And Finally on to the Dos:  

Here are some style inspirations for women over a certain age featuring wide leg jeans Do’s that will help you style this chic style.  

The goal is to look elegant, modern, and classy, in your seasonal, wide leg classic denim. Having them flatter you in all the right places.   

Wear mid-rise blue jeans for chic outfits

Aiming to look stylish over 40? Then casual chic is your best friend. Nothing will work better for a everyday elevated looks than a clean and classic wide leg jean. You can pair it with a white T-shirt and layer a jacket or a blazer over it for a quick and easy everyday elevated look.  

Another way to go would be a nice white/black/pale blue striped buttoned-down shirt tucked into your wide leg pants. Remember these key style tips when you are out shopping for clothes.

To break up a simple outfit look, you can add shoes and a bag in a matching color or tone to give a pop and interest to the overall outfit, as I did in the picture above.  

Balance your silhouette  

Wide leg jeans are already oversized, so you don’t want to choose an oversized shirt layered over it, which will only make you look bulky. A unnecessary style blunder.

Instead, there are several options instead that will keep you looking polished and stylish with this wide leg trend. Go for a more fitted top, it doesn’t need to be tight. And in a thicker material that skims your body to balance the silhouette, like a sweater shirt or cashmere top. The relaxed fit top will accentuate your waistline and will look more flattering for the end look. 

Choose a cropped top, not one that is too short, but something that shows your waistline. I suggest sizing up or opting for a relaxed fit if you like a more forgiving silhouette in the mid section.

If you’re a layering girl, you can add a jacket or blazer of your choice depending on the day and event. For a well put together look, match your shoes with your belt and a bag, this is a hit every time. 

Pay attention to your shoes while styling a wide leg jean 

I will tell you right up front… there are no specific type of shoes that can’t work with wide leg jeans.

What you must consider, is the overall look. What is the complete silhouette, assess that and go for a balance.

I am always trying to elongate my look. I am tall, but I am always styling to look even taller.

I like the look and it makes me look slimmer, which is something I am to do, with the help of my clothing.

For instance, when you’re wearing a fitted top and a jacket or even something relaxed, go with a slim loafer.  

For a casual look, you could go with color blocking, which is a favorite style tip I love to use to give an effortless put together loo. You can’t go wrong with some stylish black leather slide loafers for an easy breezy look.   

For a casual look, try some white leather sneakers. They will look great and you can walk for miles and miles comfortably. The everyday casual look is, carefree yet still purposeful and well put-together.  

For a more summer and a spring inspired style look, you can pair your wide-leg jeans with sandals, wedges, espadrilles, or even heels as well. The length of your jeans will depend on your choice of shoes.

When choosing a shoe with a heel, the length of your pant hem should be long enough to touch the top of your foot. It should be a little longer than you think, so that you are sure to cover the upper half of your foot to give a more balanced and eloganting silhouette.


Can we find a way to dress up women’s wide leg pants?

Yes, create an effortless style look with the perfect pair in your collection. Adding a stylish blouse or cropped jacket from your wardrobe or shop around and discover endless styles that work for both day and night looks.

Create an elegant and business-friendly look with wide leg pants in a range of materials. Add delicate jewelry to this ensemble for a new look with sparkling personality for the perfect finish.

person in blue denim jeans lying on brown wooden table
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I know they look a bit overwhelming, but styling wide leg jeans is so much fun.

Using my fashion tips and guidelines, you can try different color combinations and accessories to create countless fashion combinations.

For us women over 40, there are as many options as any other age-group, we just have to be a bit smarter about how we follow the trends.

So go ahead, treat yourselves with nice pair of wide leg jeans and have some fun styling them! They are a comfy choice!

What body type should wear wide-leg jeans?

Contrary to skinny jeans, these jeans flatter all body sizes from tiny to fuller figures. Wide-leg jeans have a variety of looks that are suitable for every size and style.

Wide leg dress pants are also versatile, offering various styling options for different occasions, from professional settings to trendy outings.

Can over 40 women wear wide-leg jeans?

Yes! Women’s wide leg pants, including wide leg jeans, are an essential piece in creating a casual style and offer so much versatility in your wardrobe. Try just one pair if you haven’t before, I am sure you will love them!

stack of jeans on white shelf

Are wide-leg jeans more flattering?

Wide leg jeans give the most relaxed shape in contrast to skinny or straight jeans, making it easy to find the perfect pair that suits your style and occasion.

How do you wear high-waisted wide-leg jeans?

Stylish wide leg jeans, French style with a cropped jacket to highlight the waistline.

To complete your look, you can shop wide leg pants from various online stores that offer a wide selection. Pair them with fitted tops or blouses and accessorize with statement belts for different occasions. Check out my website and videos for more on this versatile trouser!

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