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Look Chic Even When Working From Home!

Many people have transitioned to remote work, embracing the flexibility it offers. Tips for elevating your work-from-home style include choosing sophisticated loungewear, opting for solid colors, mixing textures, wearing jewelry, adding layers, selecting stylish shoes, and carrying a fashionable handbag.

Work From Home Outfit: Home Outfit Ideas

Do you work from home?

Yay, welcome to the club!

Ever since Covid, many people have made the permanent switch to work remotely. So maybe you are new to this lifestyle or maybe you just need a refresh to your WFH outfits.

I have been working from home for many years, even before many others. I found out right aways that it is a working situation I thrive in and I love the flexibility it provides.

But the home outfits can start to look real lazy or dare I say slopping looking, if you don’t pay attention. The last thing you want to do is look like you are wearing pajamas all day long!

However, maintaining a sense of style and sophistication can sometimes be tricky getting dressed daily with no where to go.

Luckily, with a couple of tips and tricks and strategic choices, you can effortlessly wear an elevate look and feel polished even in the work from home outfits!

Here are some of my favorite ways to choose the best work from home outfits.

Work from home clothes

Home Outfits 7 Tips and Ideas

1. Lounge sets to the Rescue

Loungewear has become pretty common in everyone’s wardrobe.

It is a WFH outfits staple these days.

A matching lounge set with some cute sneakers, offers the perfect blend for a home outfit.

But I caution to stop wearing this pair the way it is sold to you.

Work from home loungewear doesn’t have to be plain or basic.

Comfort is always paramount in this feel good wear.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style for WFH outfits like leggings or lounge sets either.

While a dress or pants can be elevated chic casual look, every single day. A comfy cotton blouse, shirt, blazer, or even jeans can be equally as soft and cozy as a style option if you work from home.

Keep your self esteem up for those important zoom meeting with a modern style with your work from home outfit.

Home outfit idea – opt for a lounge set that blends comfort with sophistication.

Grow your collection with luxurious WFH outfits, such as a sweater, and for an added bonus, opt for 100% organic cotton pants or a cashmere sweater to add some cozy closet staples.

Wearing something that looks like what you would wear to bed, ie pajamas, instead of the office, isn’t your only option.

You can also pair versatile tops and bottoms that you can mix and match for some easy style.

Opt for a color that looks high end, feels lux, and has some texture or a standout feature like pockets or a special cut.

2. Solid Colors

When it comes to WFH outfits, solid colors are a great choice for creating a polished and professional look while working from home.

Solid colors are a staple in any wardrobe.

WFH outfits provide a clean and polished look that can be easily dressed up or down.

Pairing solid colors with a basic tee can create a versatile outfit perfect for layering with cardigans or blouses, making it suitable for both working from home and going out.

Neutral shades and solid colors are staples for a reason.

WFH outfits are the foundation to any good cohesive wardrobe. They can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces and they don’t compete with each other.

3. Mix Different Textures

Mixing different textures in your work from home outfits can add depth and interest to your look.

Consider incorporating a matching set for both comfort and style.

This is it right here, this is the secret sauce!

Why not mix and match different textures to add interest to your work from home outfits?

Texture variations add depth to your look and elevate your loungewear game. So go for it, don’t just wear a sold together set that screams I am still wearing my jammies, mix it up!

4. Do Wear Jewelry

I know a lot of ladies who only put on jewelry when they’re going out somewhere fancy, but incorporating statement jewelry into your WFH outfits can make a big difference. I personally love to wear statement jewelry even in the comfort of my home.

Simple additions like chunky necklaces or stacked bracelets can instantly glam up your outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize with earrings and rings for a polished finish. It can be any pieces that speak to you, but just add them, every day. Literally wear them.

5. Add Layers

Incorporating cozy cardigans into your work from home outfits can instantly elevate your style while providing warmth and comfort.

Not only layers can keep you warm, but they can also add depth and dimension to your everyday outfit.

Throw on a cardigan, duster, or trench coat for added style and warmth to your WFH outfits. Once styled correctly, you’ll easily transition your outfit from lounging to running errands or going out with your friends after work!

6. Don’t Neglect Your House Shoes

For a more elevated and stylish appearance when leaving the house, consider swapping slippers for ankle boots as part of your work from home outfit.

Some people wear shoes at home, others don’t.

I personally believe shoes level up your WFH outfits. It makes a regular ensemble go from PJs to a legitimate day time outfit.

Opt for house footwear that compliments your outfit and adds a touch of sophistication. You don’t need to have the same shoes you wear outside of your home inside, these can be and should be different.

Find a stylish pair that will keep your feet warm and protected even at home, that you can easily slip on and off. And DO change them out when you head out the door.

7. Have Stylish Handbag Ready To Go

Lastly, complete your WFH outfits with a stylish handbag that adds the perfect finishing touch. Consider adding a baseball hat for a quick hair fix and a stylish street style look. I tell people all the time it is your purse and shoes that make or break ANY outfit.

Store your everyday essentials in your bag so you can run out the door if and when needed.

Don’t forget your perfume, makeup, wallet and keys. These jean joggers with an elastic waistband are perfect for quick errands, offering both comfort and a cool mom vibe, making them ideal work from home outfits.

There are so many affordable options out there that really spice up any outfit and several lux splurges as well. Do the work, research, search, and purchase. It really is important to update and upgrade this essential accessory from time to time.

A little effort can go a long way in boosting your confidence and overall appearance. Incorporating a work from home outfit, such as pairing black leggings with different tops, can create a quick and stylish look.

PS: I’d recommend experimenting with hair and makeup.

Just a quick 10-minute beauty routine will allow you to embrace femininity and you will be prepared for business video calls or a neighbor at the door!

Although remote work offers the freedom to blend comfort with style, allowing you to look and feel your best should still be paramount.

Stylish remote work outfits can boost your confidence and make you feel powerful, feminine, and playful.

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